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Friday, 23rd January 2009

    FDLR begin to surrender in face of joint Rwanda-DRC offensive

Defence Minister Charles Mwando Simba shaking hands with Gen Marcel
Gatsinzi during their meeting at the Rwanda-DRC border in Gisenyi.
(File Photo).	
of the Ex-FAR/Interahamwe have started feeling the heat of the on-going
Rwanda-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) joint military operation to
disarm and repatriate them and have started to surrender. The
joint operation launched early this week was agreed upon by Rwanda and
the DRC to rout out elements grouped under the Democratic Forces for
the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR).  Congolese army (FARDC)
spokesman in the eastern part of the country, Capt. Olivier Hamuli,
confirmed that some rebels had so far surrendered. “Yes, we have them and we will certainly show them off for everyone to see tomorrow (Friday) morning,” Capt. Hamuli, told The New Times last evening over the phone. FDLR,
remnants of those responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis
in Rwanda, have largely been operating from the eastern part of the DR
Congo from where they have continued to commit atrocities against the
local population.  According to Hamuli, a joint DRC-Rwanda
military operation hatched and endorsed last year was operationalised
by FARDC troops and intelligence units of the Rwandan Defence Forces
(RDF) early this week. This partnership has recently expanded,
with of other rebel groups  – the National Congress for the Defence of
People (CNDP) and PARECO, the Coalition of Congolese Patriotic
Resistance joining the operation. This too, was confirmed in a press release by the FARDC’s eastern military command based in the border town of Goma. “The
government of DRC salutes this excellent gesture and courage by various
compatriots,” the statement says about the CNDP and PARECO groups, “of
whose integration into the FARDC, no longer has any shade of doubt.” “A
strong message is therefore extended to all ex-FAR/FDLR and Interahamwe
as well as all other armed groups to seize this opportunity to lay down
arms and adhere to the on-going processes so that we can, together,
consolidate peace and security for our respective populations,” the
statement concludes. Rwanda has sent an intelligence unit into
the Congo which is working with the Congolese authorities to remove the
menace of the FDLR. The offensive against the FDLR follows a
series of meetings between Rwanda and DRC officials into which Rwanda
had emphasized the threat posed by FDLR was not only against Rwanda but
Congo as well. Ends

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