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Saturday, 17th January 2009

    Congolese rebels declare end of war

group of Congolese rebels of the National Congress for the Defence of
the People (CNDP) who recently claimed to have ousted their leader,
Gen. Laurent Nkunda, yesterday announced that they were ending their
rebellion against the Kinshasa government “with immediate effect”. In
a statement signed by top commanders of the CNDP who rallied behind the
fomenter of the palace coup, CNDP Chief of Staff Gen. Bosco Ntaganda ,
the rebels said they were putting their troops at the disposal of the
DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) government. “The CNDP
requests the government of the DRC the setting up of a joint commission
to implement the reintegration into the FARDC (government army),” the
statement reads. The officers said that they were committed to
the peace process and ready to take part in a joint effort to
neutralise FDLR/ Interahamwe rebels in accordance with an agreement
signed between Rwanda and the DRC. They added that they “expect
the FARDC to take into account this support for the quick restoration
of trust and security in eastern DRC.” The group requested the
immediate removal of all their roadblocks mounted by both CNDP and
FARDC to allow free movement of people and goods in the whole of North
Kivu province so as to allow the displaced to return to their homes. In
return, the rebels demanded that the Congolese government to put into
effect the amnesty law that covers the insurrection in accordance with 
the Goma peace plan. Another demand was the quick solution to
the return of Congolese refugees in exile, but added that it was first
necessary to deal with the issue of the FDLR “in the shortest time
possible” to facilitate this return. The FDLR (Democratic Forces
for the Liberation of Rwanda) are remnants of former Rwanda Government
Forces (Ex-FAR) and Interahamwe militia responsible for the 1994
Genocide against Tutsis. They have been holed up in eastern Kivu
for the past decade where they have had a free run of the country with
the tacit approval of previous Congolese governments, many times
lending FARDC a hand in its war against CNDP. Ntaganda’s success
in rallying top military commanders – who at the beginning had resisted
Nkunda’s ouster – to his side  is a heavy blow to the latter’s
aspirations. Those who signed the truce announcement include
Colonels Makenga Sultan (deputy Chief of Staff), the chief of
operations, Muhindo Faustin, Ruhorimbere Eric, Gahizi Innocent, Micho
Claude, Kabundi Innocent, Munyakazi Esaïe and Ngaruye Baudouin. Two Lt. Cols: Mulomba Bahati and Nsengiyumva Wilson were also signatories.  Ends

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