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Saturday, 10th January 2009

    Kabarebe, DRC military chiefs meet in Kinshasa

Rwanda’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. James Kabarebe arrived in
Kinshasa Thursday to meet his Congolese counterpart, to discuss how
both parties can finally implement their joint plan to uproot negative
forces in the volatile eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As
explained by Army Spokesman Maj. Jill Rutaremara Friday, the current
meeting is a follow up of last December’s joint Defence Ministers’
meeting in Rwanda’s border town of Gisenyi. He explained that on
arrival in the Congolese capital, Kabarebe and his delegation were
received by the DRC army Chief of Staff, Gen. Didier Etumba, and
thereafter, paid a courtesy call to President Joseph Kabila. “Kabila
expressed his determination and commitment by his government to resolve
the ex-Far/Interahamwe problem,” Maj. Rutaremara told The New Times. “He expressed satisfaction with the way both militaries are moving forward to resolve the problem,” Rutaremara added. After
the brief meeting with President Kabila, the top defence officials from
both sides then met on Friday, focusing on one   issue, “the way to
operationalise their joint military plan.” The plan was endorsed
in a two-day bilateral meeting by the countries’ Foreign Affairs
Ministers on December 5 last year in the DRC border town of Goma. The
current meeting was scheduled to conclude Friday, after which both army
chiefs would present President Kabila with the results, Rutaremara
explained. “The calendar of activities is what is expected from this current meeting,” he said. In
Kinshasa, Gen. Kabarebe is accompanied by senior security officers,
including his Security Advisor Brig Gen. Jérôme Ngendahimana and the
Chief of Military Intelligence, (J2), Brig. Gen. Jack Musemakweli. On
December 29, last year, both countries’ defence ministers accompanied
by their army chiefs and other senior security officials met in Gisenyi
(Rwanda) to draw plans to eliminate negative forces from the vast
central African country. At the meeting held at Gisenyi’s Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Rwanda’s defence minister, Gen. Marcel Gatsinzi, told The New Times that the joint plan had already been seen and approved by the two countries’ Heads of State. “They
gave us instructions to also look at it and identify gaps and see how
it could be implemented as soon as possible,” Gatsinzi had said. The
joint operational military strategy is expected to deal with
ex-FAR/Interahamwe militia, now grouped under what is known as the
Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). The
ex-FAR and Interahamwe militia, are remnants of those who spearheaded
the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis that claimed the lives of over one
million people.  They later fled to neighbouring DRC from where
they continue to commit grave crimes - raping, looting, and killing
innocent civilians. Gen. Gatsinzi earlier underlined that more
meetings would be held to “see how things are being implemented” and
reiterated that the will to accomplish the task was there, at “the
highest levels” so as to find a lasting solution to the conflict in
eastern DRC. His counterpart, Charles Mwando Nsimba, also
accompanied by Gen. Etumba and others, including DRC Police Chief John
Numbi had also stressed that establishing an environment for both
countries’ reconstruction was “now” of paramount importance. “This is a determination that we have. The countries must play a role in the pacification of the east,” he said. Ends

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