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Monday, 27th October 2008

    President attends special Prayer Breakfast 

    President Kagame at Prayer Breakfast yesterday at Serena Hotel. (PPU Photo)	
    Advises church leaders to declare personal wealth  NYARUGENGE - President Paul Kagame attended a special prayer breakfast event at Serena Hotel yesterday morning. Organised
by a group Top Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast, the event provides an
opportunity for the country’s Christian leaders to talk about their
leadership calling and pray for the Nation and its leaders. A
cross-section of other country leaders attended the occasion that was
graced by stirring gospel tunes from Rehoboth Choir and Diana Kamugisha. The President in his speech acknowledged the event’s importance, saying that thanking God for all accomplishments is good. The
special achievement this year, as most pointed out were the very
successful recently concluded legislative polls in which women scooped
a rare conquest by winning majority seats. Causing laughter, Kagame pointed out that men’s role too shouldn’t be ignored.  Referring
to what the master of ceremonies, Pastor Antoine Rutayisire of the
National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), had earlier
emphasised, the President stressed that the Bible spells out what is
required of leaders but that acting in accordance to the teachings was
a problem. “This then means that our biggest problem is not
knowing,” he said, stressing that the lack of acting in accordance to
what is known was the issue. “Why should people always repeat
and tell us what we are supposed to do?” he posed, saying it amounted
to not valuing the good teachings and hence the real challenge remained. Teaching
about what God says on good governance and giving examples of good role
models, Pastor Rutayisire highlighted five leader ruining traits –
pride, sex, greed, complacency and bad family. The President
picked out and expounded on complacency, greed and pride. Thinking that
one is the only one with truth and no other was dangerous, said Kagame,
adding that the related troubles come in many ways. He singled out the current global financial crisis, saying greed was one of its root causes.  Kagame
strongly criticized church leaders who tell lies in God’s name, saying
it is the worst sin. He also had some tough words for leaders who use
their leadership positions to amass wealth to the disadvantage of the
masses. He revealed that he declared his personal wealth to the Ombudsman and urged others to follow suit. “You the church leaders should do the same.” “You
cannot be taking away the little they have and using it for your own
pleasure. In all levels of leadership we need to avoid being
excessive,” he said. On leadership and governance again, he
underlined that leaders must endeavor to set the best example even
though he acknowledged that it was always a challenge. Humility
is important, he said, adding that this didn’t mean he was perfect but
was always working hard to do what was good for the nation. Zeroing
in on the Rwandan perspective, he said that there are many challenges –
some faced by the country on its own and others going beyond borders.
He urged leaders to seek for the liberation of all Rwandans and
Africans in general, for as he believes, this is the biggest component.
 While expounding on the right to a better life and explaining
the real context of the matter of liberation, he expanded on what some
have seen as a question of the French language being swallowed up by
English. He said that these languages are simply conveniences
and that Rwandans are one in all possible ways, including their
language and culture. The central thing is believing in God, he said. He added that in order to understand this, one must be liberated in the head and the heart. The President also underscored the importance of doing good and not expecting to be thanked, “because it is for our own good.” Ends

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