[Francophones] Fwd: Day of Prayer and Fasting for Congo on Saturday 22nd November

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Pour info...et participation.

J'ai demandé à ce que des ressources de prière soint aussi disponibles  
en français.


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> De : Stephen Burgess <stephen.burgess at cms-uk.org>
> Date : 14 novembre 2008 16:02:13 HNEC
> Cc : Pat Clay <pat.clay at cms-uk.org>, Lucy Ochieng <lucy.ochieng at cms-africa.org 
> >
> Objet : Day of Prayer and Fasting for Congo on Saturday 22nd November
> Dear Friends,
> The crisis in Eastern Congo has been graphically shown in TV images  
> and web reports in recent days.  Like many of you who have friends  
> and co-workers in the region, we in Congo Church Association have  
> been receiving regular updates from church leaders and friends.   
> Their urgent plea has been for prayer for resolution of the conflict  
> and peace, and provision for the needs of the vast numbers of  
> displaced people.
> The Congo Church Association, (which works with Anglican Church of  
> Congo), and CMS UK are calling upon Christians in UK and further  
> afield to join together in a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Congo on  
> Saturday 22nd November.    Let us join together in prayer for peace  
> and for a resolution to the complex issues surrounding the conflict,  
> as well as for the physical and spiritual needs of all those  
> affected.  In addition to the crisis in the Goma region, let’s also  
> remember two areas of rebel activity in Congo which have not hit the  
> news: the Dungu area in the north where the Lord’s Resistance Army  
> has attacked villages and abducted adults and children in recent  
> weeks, and also Gety/Aveba/Nyankunde region close to Bunia where a  
> new militia group emerged in late September and displaced many  
> people from their homes.
> Please invite friends and supporters of your organisation to  
> participate in this Day of Prayer and Fasting for Congo on Saturday  
> 22nd November and make this prayer initiative widely known.
> Prayer resources will be available on the CMS and CCA web sites by  
> 17th November. www.cms-uk.org and www.congochurchassn.org.uk/prayer.pdf
> Thank you!
> Every blessing.
> Judy Rous, Chair - Congo Church Association
> Stephen Burgess, Mid Africa Regional Advisor- CMS
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