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The Rev. Carola von Wrangel will be representing us.

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> February 2012 - Preparing for General Convention 
> In This Issue
> Featured Speakers
> Workshop - Health Plan & Pension
> Workdshop - Anglican Covenant
> Workshop - Title IV
> Workshop - Same-Gender Blessings
> Provincial Business & Elections
> General Convention Office Presentations
> Plenary " Mission Structure & Strategy"
> Keynote...Haiti Rebuilding
> Synod Worship.
> Registering for Synod
> Dioceses of Province II
> Albany
> Central New York
> The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
> Haiti
> Long Island
> New Jersey
> NewYork
> Newark
> Rochester
> Virgin Islands
> Western New York
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> In Prov 2
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> Province II Officers
> Mr. Charles Perfater,
> Provincial Executive Coordinator
> The Honorable Michael Rehill,
> President
> The Right Reverend Lawrence Provenzano, Vice President
> The Rev. Ed Thompson, 
> Secretary
> The Rev. Gerald Keucher,
> Treasurer
> Ms. Dorothy Jane Goldsack Porpeglia, Esq., Chancellor   
> Rosalie Ballentine, Esq., 
> Elected by the House of Deputies
> The Rev. Dahn Gandell, 
> Elected by the House of Deputies   
> The Right Reverend Ambrose Gumbs,
> Elected by the House of Bishops
> Ms. Martha Gardner,
> Executive Council Lay Representative
> The Rev. Canon Sandye Wilson,
> Executive Council Clergy Representative 
> Jan Paxton,
> Communications Officer, Webmaster &In Prov 2 editor     
> Greetings!
>  One of the first things to happen after deputies to General Convention have been elected is the Synod Meeting of the Province.  The Synod Meeting will be held on May 3 &4, 2012, at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road in Albany, NY.  This newsletter will let you know all about what is planned for the Synod, including the scheduled speakers, the topics for study, the elections and the registration information.  The deputies and alternates to General Convention are all urged to attend, but attendance is not limited to those delegates.  This is also the meeting at which the provincial officers are elected.
> Featured Speakers...
> The Synod gathering will be honored by the presence of a number of distinguished speakers. This is, of course, not to diminish the importance of any of the people who will prepare presentations for the synod, but to highlight several whose presence is especially exciting!  
> The Presiding Bishop, The Right Reverend Katherine Jefferts-Schori, will be speaking at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, May 4.  With restructuring of the church as one of the current topics of much attention, it will be very helpful to hear what our presiding bishop has to say to the assembled deputies. Her address to the church, "Becoming a Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society" can be viewed here.  The related ENS Article is here.
> One of the speakers for Friday afternoon's plenary session on restructuring will be the Honorable Byron Rushing.  Rushing is a member of the deputation to General Convention from the Diocese of Massachusetts and is a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
> Workshop Issue: 
> Denominational Health Plan and Lay Pension System 
>  Presenters: Laurie Kazilionis & Michael Macdonald
> This workshop will deal with the issues facing the church related to Canon A177, the statement of which may be found online.  
> From the website of The Episcopal Church Foundation:
> In July 2009, the 76th General Convention passed Resolution A177, establishing the Denominational Health Plan (DHP), a Church-wide program of health care benefit plans requiring equal access to and funding of health care plans for eligible clergy and lay employees (those scheduled for at least 1,500 hours of compensated work annually) by January 1, 2013. The Episcopal Church Medical Trust is charged with leading this effort ...
> Go to the website Vestry Papers: Caring for each other to read more on health plans.  Go to Providing Pensions to Your Lay Employees for more information
> Laurie Kazilionis is Vice President, Client Relations, The Episcopal Church Medical Trust. Michael MacDonald is also a Vice President at the Medical Trust.
> Workshop Issue: Anglican Covenant
> Presenter: Rosalie Ballentine
> The Anglican Covenant is a document put forth by the Anglican Communion.  Its  full text is available online. There is a study guide available on the General Convention website: http://generalconvention.org/ec
> This document has provoked a great deal of discussion in the Episcopal Church, ranging from "No Way" to " Yes, of course".  The Episcopal News Service has published several stories recently:
> Mccord Adams appointed patron of No Anglican Covenant Coalition
> Archbishop of Cape Town's letter to the archbishop of Canterbury 'A necessary Covenant'
> Rosalie Ballentine is a lay member of the Provincial Council of Province II, a deputy to General Convention from the Diocese of the Virgin Islands, and an attorney with a practice in the Virgin Islands.
> Workshop Issue:  Title IV
> Presenter: Diane Sammons 
> Title IV is the Canon of the General Convention that deals with ecclesiastical discipline.  Its full text is online.   This canon provides direction for the discipline of clergy and has posed problems in many dioceses.  An Episcopal News Service Article in 2011 presented some of those.  Disciplinary Board for Bishops formed in compliance with Episcopal Church Title IV was another post from the Episcopal Church on this topic.  One website that discusses these issues is canonlawyer.org.
> Diane Sammons is an experienced litigator practicing law for more than 25 years. She started her career as a criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.  She is also the Chancellor of the Diocese of Newark.
> Workshop Issue: Same-Gender Blessing Issues - SCLM
> Presenters: Sandye Wilson, Michael Hopkins & Mary Catherine Young
> Resolution C056 of the 2009 General Convention charged the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) to work with the House of Bishops to collect and develop theological resources and liturgies for blessing same-gender relationships. The commission is to report to the 77th General Convention in 2012 in Indianapolis. Mary Frances Schjonberg reported from the March 2011 meeting of the committee where nearly 200 members of the Episcopal Church House of Deputies met on  March 18-19, 2011 for a churchwide consultation on same-gender blessings.
> There is an archive of resources available for this work.  This page contains diocesan resources submitted to, or gathered by, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) and The Archives of the Episcopal Church for purposes of study and discussion. Statements and policies pertain to issues surrounding the blessing and union of same sex couples, and may include resolutions, policies, and reports.  Additionally, The Episcopal Church Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music has released educational materials and other information surrounding its plan to ask General Convention to authorize a three-year trial use of its proposed rite for blessing same-gender unions.  Read more...
> The SCLM has a website at http://liturgyandmusic.wordpress.com/
> The Rev. Canon Sandye A. Wilson, the rector at the Episcopal Church of St. Andrew and Holy Communion in South Orange, Diocese of Newark, is the clergy representative from Province II on Executive Council.  The Rev. Michael W. Hopkins is rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Luke & St. Simon Cyrene in Rochester, N.Y.  The Rev. Mary Catherine Young is Chaplain for Campus Ministry, Canterbury Downtown in the Diocese of New York. Read what she has written in the SCLM blog.
> Provincial Business and Elections
> Every three years at the Synod meeting the province adopts a triennial budget, elects officers and does the other business of the province.  This year the nominating committee is presenting the following slate for election:
> President: The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano - LI
> Vice President: Rosalie Ballentine, Esq. - VI
> Secretary: The Rev. Edward Thompson - VI
> Treasurer (elect one):
> Howard Gondree - WNY
> John White - Albany
> Executive Council - Clergy (elect one):
> The Rev. Dahn Gandell - Rochester
> The Rev. Dr. William Lutz - CNY
> The Rev. Joseph Jerome, - LI
> The Rev. John Farrell - LI
> The Rev. Canon Isaac I. Ihiasota, WNY
> Clerical Rep to Provincial Council (elect one):
> The Rev. Joseph Jerome - LI
> The Rev. Canon Isaac I. Ihiasota - WNY
> The Rev. David Sellery - LI
> The Rev. Lynn A. Collins - LI
> Lay Rep to Provincial Council (elect one):
> Neil Houghton - Rochester
> Sandra Michael, PHD - CNY
> Laura Russell, Esq. - Nwk
> In addition, Chancellor Dorothy-Jane Porpeglia will be presenting changes to the by-laws. 
> General Convention Office Presentations
> On Friday morning following the Presiding Bishop's address, the General Convention Office will make several presentations.  The province is privileged to have Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies, The Rev. Canon Gregory Stephen Straub, Executive Officer and Secretary of the General Convention and Diane Pollard from PB&F attending to make presentations.
> Diane B. Pollard, chair of the Joint Standing Committee for Program, Budget, and Finance, is a member of the Church of the Crucifixion in Harlem in the Diocese of New York and a lay delegate to General Convention; she is also a trustee of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She is currently a trustee of the Church Pension Group (CPG), and chair of its Audit Committee Ms. Pollard retired in 2005 after 30+ years in financial and investment services. She has served as a deputy from the Diocese of New York since 1979.
> Gregory Straub
> The Rev. Canon Dr. Gregory Straub was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania in 1974, served thirty years at Emmanuel Church, Chestertown, Maryland, in the Diocese of Easton and is a graduate of Dickinson College, Philadelphia Divinity School and Drew University. He attended his first General Convention in 1976 and has served four terms as deputy. At the 74th General Convention he served as Assistant Secretary for Voting of the House of Deputies. Straub began his position as Executive Officer on April 15, 2005 and was elected Secretary of the General Convention at the 2006 General Convention.
> Bonnie Anderson
> The President of the House of Deputies (PHoD) is elected every three years to serve throughout the triennium. Bonnie Anderson was elected by the House of Deputies as President in 2006.  Anderson is from the Diocese of Michigan, where she has served in many capacities, including Canon to the Ordinary, President of the Standing Committee, and member of the Commission on Ministry.
> The presentations relating to ministry and budget have been in the news particularly since Executive Council met in January 2012 to work on the budget.  They issued a message at the conclusion of the three-day meeting in Linthicum Heights, Maryland.  As the Program, Budget & Finance began work on 2013-2015 budget the committee members acknowledged economic, philosophical challenges.  Read more...  Once at convention, PB&F will convene an open hearing on July 4 (the day before convention's official start) from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. to discuss the framework of the 2013-2015 budget and to take testimony on a resolution that will ask convention to reaffirm action taken at the last triennial gathering (via Resolution D027) to have the 2013-2015 budget centered on what it called the "strategic priorities" of the Anglican Communion's Five Marks in Mission.
> The General Convention office has made The Bishop and Deputy Handbook, an important reference for understanding and navigating the Episcopal Church General Convention, which has been revised for 2012, available to download at no cost at http://generalconvention.org/gc/prepare. 
> Plenary Workshop " Mission Structure & Strategy"
> Bishop Provenzano
> The last event of the Synod will be the plenary session on "Mission Structure & Strategy" following lunch on Friday.  The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano, Vice President of Province II and Bishop of the Diocese of Long Island, will moderate this session.  The three presenters will be The Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls CCO of the Episcopal Church, Thomas Little, Chancellor of the Diocese of Vermont, & Byron Rushing, Representative to the MA House of Representatives.  
> The discussion on restructuring the church governance began after
> Bishop Sauls
> Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori named Diocese of Lexington Bishop Stacy F. Sauls as chief operating officer for the Episcopal Church in May of 2011 (see the ENS story).  At the September 2011 House of Bishops meeting Bishop Sauls asked the House of Bishops to engage the laity and clergy in their dioceses in conversation in support of a potential structural reform that he said could shift the church's focus toward mission (read the Ens story).  He offered the bishops a "model" resolution for each diocese to submit to the 77th General Convention in 2012 for consideration (read the Ens story).  The Diocese of Long Island and the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe passed such resolutions (see Long Island's resolution #6). On September 30, 2011, Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies, wrote to deputies about Stacy Sauls' restructuring suggestions (read the ENS story).  Most recently, presented by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of the Episcopal Church, Becoming A Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: An Adaptive Moment is being shared pursuant to Canon I.2.4, which charges the Presiding Bishop with "responsibility for leadership in initiating and developing the policy and strategy in the Church."
> Keynote...Haiti Rebuilding - Terri Mathes
> Terri Mathes
> On Thursday evening following the dinner the keynote speaker will be Terri Mathes, who is Associate Program Director at Episcopal Church Foundation and working with the Rebuild Our Church in Haiti appeal.  The Rt. Rev. Jacques Duracin, Bishop of Haiti also hopes to say a few words.  
> The vision of the Haiti cathedral is taking shape and the planning team aims soon to begin search for architectural work.  Read the ENS story.  The Rev. Joseph Constant and the Rev. Dr. Rosemari Sullivan have published a report on the work of the Episcopal Church in Haiti - Haiti: 2 Years After the Earthquake .
> The photographs here are some of those taken by the Rev. Bruce Woodcock on a recent trip to Haiti for the Church Pension Group. 
> Haiti's cathedral
> Bishop Elect Oge Beauvori at the workshop
> Bishp Duracin addressing the CPG workshop
> Synod Worship
> Bishop Love
> The Eucharist on Thursday evening will follow the two afternoon workshop periods.  The Rt. Rev. William Love, Bishop of the Diocese of Albany, will be the celebrant.  The preacher will be Bishop-Elect Andrew Dietsche of the Diocese of New York.  By then he will be the Bishop Coadjutor,as his ordination and consecration will take place on March 10 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.
> The Rev. Canon Andrew M.L. Dietsche
> The Rev. Canon Andrew M.L. Dietsche became on November 19, 2011 bishop coadjutor-elect of the Episcopal Diocese of New York - a position that gives him automatic right of succession to the current Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, when he retires.
> Canon Dietsche was one of two candidates nominated "from the floor" in addition to the five who were put forward at the end of August by a special Committee to Elect a Bishop, which began work following Bishop Sisk's call for an election at the diocese's 2010 annual convention last November.
> Registering for Synod
> Registration for the Synod and for the hotel (these are separate) may be done online.  There will be free parking and complimentary van transportation to and from the airport. Wired internet access will be provided in sleeping rooms and there is WiFi in the general spaces. All areas are handicapped accessible. Gluten-free and vegetarian meals can be provided. Synod registration is $125 per person and hotel registration is $109 per night per room.
> All of the information for registration is on the Province II website at www.province2.org.  The direct link for the Synod registration website is http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e5kqrgyn0d9e29eb&llr=h7lafjcab and the link for the hotel registration is http://www.province2.org/2012hotelregistration.html, which includes all of the details about codes and deadlines.
> If you have any questions regarding the Synod, contact the Provincial Executive Coordinator, Chuck Perfater at exec at province2.org or 609-538-1200.
> This issue of the In Prov 2 is archived so that you can find it after you've deleted it from your e-mail.  Go to the Province II website at www.province2.org/inprov2.html.
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> The next issue of the In Prov 2 will come out at the end of March.  All networks and dioceses please make sure to get news and coming events to webeditor at province2.org by March 26, 2012  - mark your calendars!
> Jan Paxton, Communications Officer for Province II
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