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*The European Institute of Christian Studies* of the *Convocation of
Episcopal Churches in Europe* announces a training weekend for the laity on
June 1 – 3 at the Schloss Furstenried in Munich.  This event of the *Academy
for Parish Leadership* (APL) is the third in a series following upon the
success of the Stewardship weekend that took place last May.  The theme of
the APL3 weekend is “*Implementing the Charter for Lifelong Christian
Formation in the Convocation*”. At the last Convocation Convention in
Florence in October 2011, the resolution was passed that endorsed the
Charter in the Convocation following upon similar resolutions that were
passed in many dioceses of the Church.  Thanks to the suggestion and
preparation of Dr. Rosemarie Valentine, it was presented and ultimately

We are happy and excited that Ruth-Ann Collins will lead the weekend.  She
is the Officer for Lifelong Christian Formation (LLCF) for the Episcopal
Church.  Additionally she is Liaison to General Convention for the same.  It
is her job to travel to the dioceses to provide this formation and I’m
happy that she can travel to Europe to be with us.  The weekend will begin
with dinner (5 pm registration) on Friday June 1st and end with Sunday
Eucharist at the Schloss on Sunday.  Additionally, for those that can
attend, Ruth-Ann will lead an additional session on Sunday after lunch on
recruiting, motivating, and retaining lay leaders for Formation in your

As was the case last year, our leader this year is making herself available
after the weekend to visit the parishes that invite her, in order to meet
with a larger circle at the parish or to lead a more tailored formation for
your parish.  Last year several parishes took advantage of this offer with
great success.  We ask that you fund her transportation and housing during
her stay among you (home invitations are welcome).  Ruth-Ann is staying
with us for the week after the Schloss weekend in order to be with you.  This
is a tremendous opportunity for us and an acknowledgement that the
Convocation is important to the Church. I hope that your parish will take
advantage of this offer.

We invite three lay formation leaders (current, future, potential, or
interested) from each parish and two from each mission to attend with all
reasonable transportation costs and room and board paid by the Convocation.
Council of Advice lay members will be invited in that group.

The training weekend is directed at current and future lay leaders in
formation – for all ages in the congregation.  Registration closes by May 1
st when the Schloss liberates the unassigned rooms.  A more detailled
description of the weekend will be sent to interested parties in due
course. *The cost of the weekend is funded by the Convocation for
designated persons sent by the parishes and missions of the Convocation.
However, friends of the Convocation from other churches are heartily
invited to attend on a self-pay basis and depending on room availability at
the Schloss.*

The Schloss Furstenried is a very lovely venue for the weekend.  It is a
former castle of King Otto of Bavaria now run by the Roman Catholic Church.
The grounds are beautiful and wonderful for contemplation and fellowship.  The
retreat center is beautifully integrated with the beautiful grounds that
surround it with glass corridors, and a ratskellar for evening socializing.
All rooms have en suite baths and the food is good. We love it and it
receives consistently good reviews from former weekend attendees.  It''s
the reason why we've gone back to it.

*If you are interested in Christian Formation, please contact your
Priest-in-Charge of the Convocation about attending this exciting weekend.*

I am happy that Dr. Rosemarie Valentine is Conference Coordinator for this
event.  She will be in communication registrants in due course about the
weekend. *For any questions about the weekend you can email Rosemarie at
docval224 at gmail.com. *

I thank you in advance for supporting this important event.

Best regards,

Lora Bernabei, Chair

European Institute of Christian Studies
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
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