[Europe.justus] The Bishop's Challenge for Lent 2012

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Wed Feb 22 11:09:33 GMT 2012

Dear All,

On this Ash Wednesday 2012, I am challenging all members of the Convocation to join me in reading the Bible — the whole Bible in one year.

There are books that I am sending to each parish and mission, but they have not arrived yet (despite being ordered well in advance, as they are in high demand). However, here is the link:

You will be joining Episcopalians and Anglicans around the world in accepting this challenge. More importantly, this will give you the way to refresh and renew your knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, God's Word written, as the ancients called it.

As Bishop, I am directing all the clergy to make this Challenge available to all members of the congregations. Furthermore, as people who are always approaching the Bible from the perspective of preaching the lectionary, this is a particularly good spiritual exercise for us to get back in touch with the grand sweep of the Scriptures.

This comes with all my hopes and blessings for a holy and fruitful season of Lent.
Yours in Christ,

Bishop Pierre Whalon

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