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Oggetto: [Europe.justus] Fwd: Episcopal Church launches new app: Wayfarer

iPad owners, we are getting an app from the Church! 

So far, it's looking good.


Bishop Pierre

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Media Release

The Episcopal Church 
Office of Public Affairs

Episcopal Church launches new app: Wayfarer

Episcopal Church launches new iPad app: Wayfarer

First issue features the story of Kivalina, AK

[February 15, 2012] The Episcopal Church Office of Communication has
launched its first iPad app, Wayfarer.

Available as a free, quarterly iPad app downloadable at iTunes
<http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/h/> , all the
content can also be viewed in an Internet browser here
<http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/k/>  or
<http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/u/> .

“Wayfarer features compelling stories told through video, photographs and
words,” noted Lynette Wilson, Wayfarer producer.

Wilson, who is also an editor/reporter for Episcopal News Service, addressed
the appropriateness of the name. “We chose to name the app Wayfarer because
we intend to tell a wide spectrum of stories about people, possibilities and
action across a broad landscape,” she said.

“This is an exciting moment - it represents our entry into mobile content,
appealing both to Episcopal and broader audiences,” noted Anne Rudig,
Director of Episcopal Church Office of Communication. “As the title
suggests, each issue of Wayfarer has been shot in a different far-flung

The first issue is Kivalina, which chronicles the story of Indigenous
Alaskans faced with having to move their entire village to higher ground
because of rising sea temperatures.

Wilson and two cinematographers, Cristina Valdivieso and Jon Connor, spent a
week in Kivalina, AK, an island village some 80 miles above the Arctic
Circle, reporting on and documenting the impact of climate change on this
indigenous community.

Kivalina unfolds over nine chapters, covering whaling, indigenous beliefs,
village life and the village's potential relocation.

In the coming months, Wayfarer will release an issue on four Episcopal nuns,
who had no previous farming experience and planted an organic garden in a
move toward food self-sustainability.

Wayfarer, along with Episcopal News Service, are part of the Episcopal
Digital Network, a digital publication network that delivers news and
feature stories to church leaders, members and general audiences.

Follow on Twitter @WayfarerStories

Wayfarer <http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/o/> :

iPad  <http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/n/> app:
<http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/p/> &ls=1

Important note: The iPad app version of Wayfarer includes nine chapters of
optimized high-definition video ranging in length from less than two minutes
to just more than five minutes. The average download time is five minutes,
but download times may vary based on the strength and speed of your WiFi
connection and the number of people accessing WiFi through that connection.

On the web:
Episcopal  <http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/x/>
Church launches new iPad app: Wayfarer
-wayfarer <http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/m/> 

The  <http://publicaffairs.createsend1.com/t/r/l/drlhqd/xllkrohr/c/>
Episcopal Church

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Neva Rae Fox
Public Affairs Officer
The Episcopal Church
publicaffairs at episcopalchurch.org
212-716-6080  Mobile: 917-478-5659


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