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Dear All,

The Convocation belongs to TENS, and its resources are available to you.

Use them!

Bishop Pierre

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> New Website Offers Stewardship Resources for Congregational Leaders
> OCTOBER 26, 2011, PHOENIZ, AZ:  You’ve just been appointed stewardship chair for your congregation.  You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work – but where in the world do you start?
> Providing answers to that question and offering support to people engaged in stewardship ministry is the mission of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS). And now, accessing stewardship resources and networking with others engaged in this work is easier with the launch of TENS’ new website: www.tens.org, filled with stewardship resources you can put to work in your congregation, diocese or ministry right away. 
> “The launching of this website opens a new chapter in a long and distinguished history of stewardship education and leadership training,” said The Rev. Angela Emerson, president of TENS. “Here you will find the newest and freshest expressions of creative thinking and practical tools for growing and nurturing faithful stewards.”
> A key feature of the new TENS website is the frequency of new content, with a team of TENS members as well as guest bloggers sharing their stewardship expertise, best practices, and resources through regular blog posts. The website also includes regularly updated stewardship resources organized by topic, new monthly issues of Networking, the TENS’ newsletter, and information on educational opportunities available throughout the church. TENS members will find more in-depth stewardship and other resources in the members only section.
> With stewardship encompassing annual giving in congregations, one focus of the website is to provide inspiring and easily adaptable annual giving resources.  Featured prominently on the site is the Episcopal Church’s Office of Stewardship’s Feasting on Gratitude resources, available in both English and Spanish; TENS members also have access to resources such as sample letters, pledge cards, adult formation Bible studies, and video interviews on the theology of giving.
> “The launching of the website represents the power of partnership at work,” says The Rev. Laurel Johnston, Program Officer for Stewardship and Member of TENS Board of Directors.  “Rather than offering stewardship formation resources in a piecemeal fashion, the new TENS website will allow us to make a collective impact on the ministry of stewardship in the wider church.”
> Many more resources are available on the website for the practice of holistic stewardship.  “Stewardship encompasses much more than the annual giving campaign in a congregation,” explained The Rev. Susan Snook, a TENS board member.  “It is a way of life that recognizes that for Christians, stewardship is all we do, with all we have, all the time.” 
> Because stewardship is a way of responding to God’s generosity with our own generosity, the TENS website offers resources in a number of holistic stewardship areas, including:
> ·        Annual Giving
> ·        Best Practices
> ·        Capital Campaigns
> ·        Congregational Leadership
> ·        Designated Giving
> ·        Environmental Stewardship
> ·        Generations and Stewardship
> ·        Generosity and Discipleship
> ·        Liturgical & Worship Resources and Prayers
> ·        Personal Financial Planning
> ·        Planned Giving
> ·        Preaching Resources
> ·        Stewardship Formation
> ·        Year Round & Holistic Stewardship
> Church leaders engaged in stewardship ministry are encouraged to visit www.tens.org to learn more about the resources and support available to them as they engage in God’s mission to care for the world, using the all the gifts entrusted to us.
> About TENS:
> The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) is an association of church leaders who understand, practice, and proclaim God’s call to generosity. TENS’ vision is to provide training and resources for stewardship leaders across The Episcopal Church and beyond, with emphasis on training, encouraging, nurturing, and supporting stewards. For more information visit: www.tens.org

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