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October 17, 2011

Dear Friends of the Convocation, 

This November marks the ten-year anniversary of our journey in ministry with Bishop Pierre. Ten years ago, our Convocation boldly elected our own full-time bishop and began to imagine who we might become if our community drew closer together in collaboration. In this short time, our Bishop has led us to find our common identity and mission, to develop structures to share our best practices, to become a Convocation rooted in a theology of abundance and possibility, and above all, to strengthen the bonds of fellowship among our congregations. Bishop Pierre’s ministry of our Convocation has inspired the generous giving of time and talent throughout the Convocation, and the momentum in our burgeoning missionary diocese is palpable.  

I have heard from so many of you, sharing your ideas about how we might celebrate as a community our anniverary with +Pierre.  At Convention 2011, we propose to offer a gift to +Pierre as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation for the ten years that we have shared together in ministry and for +Pierre’s unyielding dedication to shepherding us through our growing pains so that we might enter a new paradigm for mission.  

It is our plan to collect donations before and at Convention so that we might present Bishop Pierre with a gift certificate towards the purchase of a cope and mitre from Whippell’s Liturgical Vestments. These vestments are those worn by our Bishop when he visits our congregations and celebrates Eucharist and Confirmation with us. They are also expensive vestments that must be specially fitted and, therefore, are very burdensome for bishops to buy. +Pierre’s current and only set is a heavy, winter weight set that has circled Europe in a suitcase for ten years and is nearing retirement. A gift certificate from Whippell’s will allow him to choose a pattern that best signifies to him his relationship with our Convocation.  We believe this gift will be a meaningful way to express our appreciation of our work together. 

If you would like to contribute to this wonderful gift to be given in the name of “the People of the Convocation,” please send your contribution to the attached coordinates or contact Helena Mbele-Mbong, the Chair of the Finance Committee at Convention or by e-mail (helena.mbele-mbong at orange.fr) by November 30, 2011. 

Please feel free to share this letter with others in your parish or community who you feel may wish to participate, but please do not share it with +Pierre, Melinda, or Marie-Noel! 

In gratitude for our decade together in ministry, I am 

Yours in Christ,

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  Tiffany Israel

Council of Advice
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
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Bank Address :

Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) Paris Marceau
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75008 Paris 

Specification/Message :  Bishop’s Gift

Check drawn only from French banks may be sent to the Convocation Office :

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
23 avenue George V
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