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Pierre Whalon bishop at tec-europe.org
Mon Jan 25 21:54:25 GMT 2010

Dear Ones,

The Rev. Lauren Stanley, Bishop Zaché Duracin's official appointed representative, has just called me. She is sending me the information to make funds transfers directly to the Diocese of Haiti account. Bishop Duracin is able to receive cash directly from it.

Please direct all funds raised to the Convocation office, and we will send them along. We can also send to ERD, if you prefer.

She also asked that we make two crucial points:

1.) the Haitians must be able to tell us what they need, and how they want to proceed to rebuild—whether it is the diocese or the nation. I was going to make that very point in a new blog entry which will also serve as press communiqué. France in the 19th, and the US in the 20th centuries, have done too much to that poor country, and it seems as if the greats of this world will want to dictate the terms upon which Haiti will be rebuilt.

Nobody knows better, however, than the local church how to minister in its local context. All of us in the Convocation know that. Help me make that point—please.

2.) Bishop Zaché Duracin is a man of great personal integrity. I certainly trust him completely. As Mère Stanley said to me, "he is a lion." He is also my personal friend, as is his wife Marie-Édithe with Melinda.

All good blessings,

Bishop  Pierre

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