[Europe.justus] from Helena and Samuel Mbele-mbong concerning their daughter in Haiti

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Thu Jan 14 03:14:43 GMT 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
We thank you for your concern and your prayers following the earthquake in Haiti for our daughter, Lisa Anne, and grandson, Nady, and for all the people in Haiti.
We received a phone call around 5 pm our time today from our friend, Commissaire Phirma (a Cameroonian with the UN Police Section). Nady is OK and is with him and colleagues. But Lisa is one of many who did not survive the collapse of the human rights section building in which she was attending a meeting when the earthquake struck.
Arrangements have not been made yet. We will keep you informed.
Lisa was a Human Rights Officer (Team Leader of the Policy and Planning Unit) with MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti). Nady, now 10 and in CM2 at the French school (final year of primary), has been with her since September 2007.
We have learned that the Cathedral of the Episcopal Church and all the buildings on the compound were destroyed – primary school, music school, technical school, home for the sisters. The College St Pierre, near the French Embassy was also destroyed. Bishop Duracin and his wife are OK, his wife having suffered a small foot fracture, but their house was also destroyed. The St Margaret Sisters are all right, though their convent has been destroyed. Episcopal Relief and Development have already established a fund and there is more information on their website. Our prayers go out to all of them.
Please forgive this simple e-mail. We will be in touch with you all.
In deep appreaciation, 
Samuel, Helena and Leontyne
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