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Wed Aug 25 12:59:41 GMT 2010

Re:  Nominations for open positions for the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

We, the nominating committee for the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, invite you to consider the following positions that will be open and are to be voted on at our next convention in Nice, France.

The positions to be filled are:

1.  Council of Advice:  two clergy and two lay

2.  General Convention:  four clergy, four lay deputies and one alternate for each.

3.  Disciplinary Board:  four clergy and three lay

If you feel called to participate actively in the administration of the church’s ministry in Europe, you may wish to explore membership on the Council of Advice. Council members should have a good understanding of the Convocation and commitment to its mission. The role of the Council is to advise and support the Bishop and represent all people of the Convocation. Members are elected for two year terms with the possibility of running for a second term. There are four meetings a year, usually from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, along with one or two conference calls. The first meeting is always the Sunday of the Convention and the last meeting is the Thursday morning before the beginning of Convention. 

Another way to serve the Convocation is to be a delegate to the 77th General Convention is meeting July 4–13, 2012, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The General Convention is the governing body of The Episcopal Church and meets every three years. Serving as a deputy includes a commitment to study the documents (over 1000 pages) prior to Convention, becoming familiar with the major issues, attending the entire Convention and giving a full report back to the Convocation. Please check the Episcopal Church web site for full information about the work of the General Convention. See especially the Bishop and Deputy Handbook under “Publications”. http://generalconvention.org/

An additional way to serve the Convocation is as member of the Disciplinary Board of the Convocation is created to discipline clergy only. It will meet as needed. While a legal degree may be helpful for this board, it is not necessary.

Take some time to consider these positions and nominate either yourself or someone you feel would bring the skills and talents needed for the position in question. If you nominate someone else, be sure that person will accept the nomination.

Please take note that in all cases, the individual is to be a member in good standing. A member in good standing is an individual who is baptized and supports the parish/mission financially.

All nominees should send a short biography to the Secretary of the Convention, The Rev. Richard Cole by September 15.  You may also be nominated from the floor at the time of the Convention.

If you have any questions please contact any of us on the nominating committee:

Ms. Helena Mbele-Mbong: helena.mbele-mbong at orange.fr 

Ms. Michelle Spike: mkspike at johntspike.com  

Cynthia D’Alimonte: cwilson1976 at gmail.com

The Rev. Clair Ullmann: revclair at gmail.com

Secretary of Convention: The Rev. Richard Cole: cole at ebu.ch

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