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Dear All,

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>> Good Easter Tuesday again Sisters and Brothers.
>> Please see the request for prayers from Marsha Klusmeyer, spouse of Bill (West Virginia) re the mine disaster in their Diocese.
>> Please also remember those killed (5) in the refinary explosion here in Anacortes, Washington on Good Friday and the two survivors who are struggling for their lives.  One of the latter is Lew Janz, the son-in-law of Bonita Janz, a member of Christ Church and our organist.  It has been a very difficult week for this community of around 15,000.
>> Easter Blessings.
>> +Sandy Hampton
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>> Dear People,
>> Once again, WV is calling upon you for your prayers for another mining disaster.  I'm sure you've probably heard on the news about the explosion in a mine about an hour's drive south of Charleston that killed 25 people.  Four are still missing.  Rescuers were forced to turn back from the search due to high levels of methane gas.  I heard on the radio this afternoon that they will attempt to bore holes into the mine in an effort to get some cleaner air in there for the rescuers to continue, but that it will take at least 2 days to do this.  
>> While none of my students have parents working IN the mines, I have several who work in the industry.  They were deeply affected to see our local fire and resuce workers racing down to help.  As for myself, I don't think I ever realized until moving here just how much people risk their lives everyday so that we can keep the lights on.  When you have a minute, say a prayer for the miners, their families, and the rescue workers.
>> Thank you,
>> Marsha
>> Marsha H. Klusmeyer 
>> canusign at aol.com 
>> Charleston, WV

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