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Passing this along, for what it's worth...

Bishop Pierre

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> De : Stephen Jarnick <hifihymnbook at yahoo.com>
> Date : 19 mai 2009 03:02:33 HAEC
> À : bishop at tec-europe.org
> Cc : raymond.hodgkinson at messer-cw.de
> Objet : Hi-Fi Hymn Book
> A message to American/European churches from Hi-Fi Hymn Book:
> I'm writing to introduce you to a new service we're very pleased to  
> provide to Christian churches. Hi-Fi Hymn Book is a non-profit  
> organization that makes high quality pipe organ accompaniment to  
> public domain hymns available at no charge via mp3 downloads from  
> our website http://hifihymnbook.com We've also recently added a  
> Service Music section for amens, doxologies and masses that are  
> suitable for congregational singing.
> Missionaries, smaller churches, and even some US military chaplains  
> in the field have already taken advantage of our service. In  
> addition to providing older mass settings by composers such as John  
> Merbecke, we're excited to announce that we've just been licensed to  
> record settings by modern American composer Richard Proulx, whose  
> music has been described as "the most performed music in this  
> country, every Sunday throughout the United States."
> The site has a fun, fifties theme that's centered on a diner-style  
> jukebox connecting visitors to our ever growing hymn catalog.  
> Response to the launch of the site has been incredibly encouraging,  
> thanks mainly to YouTube viewers who've played over a quarter  
> million of our videos over the past six months, and often check out  
> our site to see what we're all about! You can visit us on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/hifihymnbook
> Hope you enjoy the site, and we're looking forward to serving your  
> churches soon!
> Stephen Jarnick
> President
> Hi-Fi Hymn Book
> 63 McGarry Drive,
> Kitchener, Ontario
> Canada  N2N 1A3
> email: hifihymnbook at yahoo.com
> phone: (647) 409-8646

Bishop (Mgr) Pierre Whalon
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
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+33 1 53 23 84 06  (tel)
+33 1 49 52 96 85 (fax)
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