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Please pray for the nation of Honduras, the diocese, and their bishop,  
Lloyd Allen.


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> Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
> Thank you all for your prayers and concerns for the diocese and the  
> people of Honduras. So far, the entire clergy, lay leadershiop and  
> our families are all well I spent the past weekend at one of my  
> churches attending a vigil of prayer and praise where many were  
> baptized and confirmed.
> I returned home at five thirty a.m. to learn that President Zelaya  
> had been outsted. the political tension had increased as president  
> Zelaya pressed on with plans for a nonbinding referendum which  
> opponents said would open the gate for him to rewrite the  
> constitution to run for re-election dispite a one term limit. In the  
> weeks leading up to yesterday's coup, supporters and opponents held  
> demonstrations.
> Last week Congress and the Supreme Court rules the referendum  
> unconstitutional. On thursday, the presidnet led a group of  
> protestors to an air force installation and seized the ballot boxes,  
> which the procurator's office and the electoral tribunal had ordered  
> confiscated
> The armed forces commander, said the military would not participate  
> in the referendum, president zelaya fired him, and the Supreme Court  
> declared the firing illegal.
> I predict that you  will be hearing a lot more about all what has  
> happened, A month ago the country was shaken by a 7.1 earthquake and  
> now this, what next and how much longer can this empowerish country  
> survive. The actions leading up to this events will take us back in  
> time, which will take us many years to recover and regain confidence  
> in the international eyes.
> I want to Call on the Church to keep this diocese and the Honduran  
> people highly in Prayers. I really don't know what the future will  
> bring. The Honduran dlegation is ready to participate with you all  
> at General Convention, However, if the course of actions does not  
> improve in the next few days, I may have to reconsider.
> Once again, So far, we are doing well, I will continue to update you  
> all as of the course of events in this my country,
> Faithfully in Christ Love
> +Lloyd

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