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> The 80-Cent Solution For World Mission
> "The measure you give will be the measure you get, and still more  
> will be given you." Mark 4:24
> "The kingdom of God.is like a mustard seed.." Mark 4:30-31
>                                                                                                               June 
>  27, 2009
> To bishops, deputies, and kibitzers,
> On behalf of four tiny congregations in Southwestern Virginia, I  
> invite you to join in dramatically expanding the Episcopal Church's  
> global mission. For every Episcopalian to contribute 80¢ per person  
> per year for three years, we can as much as double the number of  
> missionaries sent to other lands.
> Inspired by the words and work of the Rev. Lauren Stanley, appointed  
> missionary to Sudan and now to Haiti, vestries of these  
> congregations-Church of the Good Shepherd, Blue Grass (listed  
> membership of 31), Christ Church, Buena Vista (about 40), St.  
> John's, Glasgow (18) and St. Luke's, Hot Springs (91) where I hang  
> out-with the blessing of Bishop Powell voted to challenge the entire  
> Church, starting with themselves, to expand our global outreach.  
> Already, the idea has spread to Alabama , Richmond, New Jersey,  
> Florida.maybe more.
> There are two immediate goals:  (a) to raise $1.6 million for the  
> support of world mission, which works out to 80¢ for each of about  
> two million Episcopalians; and (b) to achieve as close to 100%  
> participation as possible.  How that is done is up to each  
> congregation.  St. Luke's put out a contribution box last Sunday  
> and, with just 1/3 of our membership, exceeded the financial goal.   
> (Many gave on behalf of cats, dogs, horses or grandchildren.)  We've  
> done (a) but (b) continues.  Good Shepherd will give each  
> parishioner an envelope with his/her name on it.  Another parish  
> wants to give the lead to its vacation Bible school.  It's all up to  
> you, remembering only that personal involvement is key.
> The Episcopal Church is setting up a special account for these funds  
> for this designated purpose-and without lessening ongoing support  
> from other sources.  To that end a resolution will come before  
> General Convention which after appropriate discussion I hope all  
> will support.  Meanwhile, parishes and institutions can decide to  
> participate and, like St. Luke's, begin collecting funds even if  
> they have to be held for a month or two.
> One byproduct is that of personal and direct commitment, through the  
> 80¢, to our common world-missionary work through the Domestic and  
> Foreign Missionary Society to which, by baptism, we all belong.   
> I've been ordained since 1972, and I don't remember when we've ever  
> been asked to contribute directly to DFMS as members of DFMS.
> As well, those 80¢ gifts may sprout new interest in who missionaries  
> are and what they do.  Materials will be forthcoming, designed at  
> minimum expense, using e-mail, .pdfs and other free media.  R. E.  
> Lee Memorial, Lexington, VA has graciously agreed to underwrite  
> expenses.
> Along with increasing numbers of missionaries may arise a deepening  
> relationship with them and, through them with our wider world and  
> Communion-and vice-versa.  The effects of this could be manifold.   
> Increased ongoing support for mission work is certainly one.   
> Increased understanding of other parts of our Communion and world,  
> and of other parts of Communion and world for us is definitely  
> another.  In that sense missionaries act as bridges, helping to  
> create and nourish relationships in Christ.
> For this, the mustard seed is our symbol.  This effort starts from  
> small congregations in a small diocese, suggesting an amount small  
> enough for everyone to afford, that together we make a great  
> difference in our Church and world.
> So we invite you to join in this challenge.  Please respond OFF-LINE  
> to Jean Seymour at foxtrotfarm at tds.net or to me at rdavidcox at earthlink.net 
> .  Do let us know of any questions, suggestions.and commitments:   
> This, in turn, will help indicate to Convention the measure of  
> support for our global mission.and help this mustard seed grow.
> David Cox
> SWVA c4
> NOTE:  Be SURE to respond off-line and NOT on this HOBD list  
> directly.  And do feel free to share this as far and wide as you  
> wish.  If this is to come from the grass roots, then the grass roots  
> need to know!
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