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Sunday 1 June 2008
  11.00 - Cathedral Eucharist: Exultate Singers
  15.30 - Choral Evensong: Exultate Singers
Sunday 8 June 2008
  15.30 - Ordination of Deacons
Monday 9 June 2008 (Saint Columba)
  19.00 - Spiorad: Celtic meditative service
Wednesday 11 June 2008 (Saint Barnabas)
  18.00 - Choral Evensong: Lay Vicars Choral
Saturday 14 June 2008
  20.00 - Concert: Dublin Symphony Orchestra
Sunday 15 June 2008
  15.30 - Ordination of Priests
Wednesday 18 June 2008
  18.00 - Choral Evensong: Lay Vicars Choral
Sunday 22 June 2008
  15.30 - Evening Prayer (Orchestral Evensong @ St Patrick's)
Wednesday 25 June 2008
  18.00 - Choral Evensong: Lay Vicars Choral
Monday 30 June 2008
  13.15 - Concert: Oregon Chorale


Sunday 1 June 2008 - Cathedral Eucharist (11.00)
Sung by the Exultate Singers. Preacher: Canon Kennerley
Setting: A. Gabrieli 'Missa Pater Peccavi', motet: Ogden
'Christ has no body now but yours', and organ voluntary:
Howells 'Paean'.

Sunday 1 June 2008 - Choral Evensong (15.30)
Sung by the Exultate Singers. Howells responses,
canticles: Howells 'St Pauls Service', anthem:
Wilby 'Jubilate', and organ voluntary: L. Vierne
'Final Voluntary from 1er Symphonie'.

For details of the Exultate Singers see online at:

Sunday 8 June 2008 - Ordination of Deacons (15.30)
Preacher: The dean, the Very Revd Dermot Dunne.
Introit: Harris 'Holy is the true light'
Eucharist setting: Berkeley 'Missa brevis',
Communion motet: Pearsall 'Tu es Petrus'.

Monday 9 June 2008 - Spiroad: meditative service (19.00)
Appropriately on Saint Columba's day, the first of a new
laity-led service called 'Spiorad', reflecting each month on
one of the celtic saints, will take place on Monday 9 June
at 7.00pm in the south transept. Silence in company,
reflective music, a measured pace and opportunity for
contemplation are the key features of this initiative.
All are most welcome to attend on the second Monday
of each month (enter by the Chapter House door). For
details, phone 087 6232841 or 086 1911140 or online at:

Wednesday 11 June 2008 - Choral Evensong (18.00)
Feast of Saint Barnabas . Sung by the lay vicars choral.
Sumsion 'Preces and responses', canticles Batten 'The
Fourth Service' and anthem Bateson 'Holy Lord God
almighty', a former cathedral organist (1609-30).

Saturday 14 June 2008 - Orchestral Concert (20.00)
The Dublin Symphony Orchestra present a concert on
Saturday 14 June at 8.00pm which will include Vaughan
Williams (arranged Gordon Jacob), 'English Folksong Suite',
Mendelssohn 'Violin Concerto in E minor' with soloist Mia
Cooper, leader of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, and Dvorak
'Symphony No. 9 in E minor (from the New World)'. The
conductor is Cathal Garvey and leader, Aveen McEntee.
Details of the Dublin Symphony Orchestra concert at:

Sunday 15 June 2008 - Ordination of Priests (15.30)
Preacher: The chancellor, Canon McEndoo (2005)
Introit: Duruflé 'Tu es Petrus', Eucharist setting: Vann
'Missa Sancti Pauli' and Communion Motet: Elgar
'The Spirit of the Lord'.

Wednesday 18 June 2008 - Choral Evensong (18.00)
Sung by the lay vicars choral. Morley 'Preces and
responses', canticles: Byrd 'The Second Service'
and anthem: White 'Ad te levavi oculos'.

Sunday 22 June 2008 - Evening Prayer (15.30)
Evening prayer will be said at 15.30. Members of the
congregation are alternatively invited to an orchestral
service of choral evensong at St Patrick's cathedral
involving the choirs of Christ Church and St Patrick's
cathedral at 15.15. Canticles: Stanford 'Evening Service
in A', anthems: Vaughan Williams 'O clap your hands'
and Elgar 'Give unto the Lord'. Details of the services at
St Patrick's cathedral, Dublin can be found online at:

Wednesday 25 June 2008 - Choral Evensong (18.00)
Sung by the lay vicars choral. Sanders 'Festal
responses', canticles: Whitlock 'Faburdens' and
anthem: Berkeley 'Amen dico vobis'.

Monday 30 June 2008 - Lunchtime Concert (13.15)
Oregon Chorale will give a lunchtime concert on Monday
30 June at 1.15pm. The group is a sixty-voice symphonic
choir founded in 1985, and based in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA,
under the direction of Bernd R. Kuehn. This concert is given
as part of the choir's Scotland-Ireland tour (21 June - 6 July
2008) and includes a wide range of secular and sacred songs.
Entrance to the concert is included in the admission charge.
Further details of the Oregon Chorale are available online at:

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