Opening day of the General Convention

Philadelphia: Wednesday, 16 July 1997

Dear friends--

This message is not a full message. I have had incredible difficulty with the Marriott Hotel phone system, as well as with my internet provider. It remains to be seen how I will solve these problems--but I shall. Please bear with me this first day as I attempt to make all the rough places plain.

Everything has only begun to begin; most of the speeches and legislative meetings have been establishatory (as if there is such a word!), and have sought to explain intention and clarify the rules of order.

The exhibit hall, on the other hand, is aflurry with action.... Buttons, hats, bags, stickers, newspapers, etc. fairly whiz through the air. The booths are large and colorful--filled with anxiously smiling people who eagerly advance at one's least hesitation. As yesterday's message already described, this is a small city state--a broad tent for all, with many tent-makers ("Omars").

I will write a full and worthy daily report to you all this very evening. But you have not have missed much. In other words, dear friends, this has been merely a test.

yours, Deborah

Copyright © 1997 Deborah Griffin Bly.
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