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Philadelphia: Saturday, 26 July 1997

I must drop my fan, dear readers, and tell you that not everything was sweetness and light at General Convention 1997 here in Philadelphia. You might have guessed this all by yourself... So--What about the bad stuff at GC 1997?

We Anglicans, particularly Episcopalians of the USA, are a passionate bunch. We have our hot button issues, matters of vehement difference and disagreement are known. Should you have forgotten them, these hot button issues seem to concern:

The ongoing conversation of the Church (using the word "conversation" here in its philosophical sense) speaks through our worship, but also through our chosen programmatic efforts. We all strive to bring the Gospel forth into the world, but there are many ways to do this. Passion runs high within our affiliations made by interest and preference. Wars begin, battles are fought, feelings wounded, friendships torn apart. And yet, we are of God. And surely God mourns for us all.

In the remainder of this series of articles I shall attempt to describe the means by which the General Convention addressed the various topics I have noted above. Again, for factual details, let me refer you to (the official church coverage) or to, a directory of all coverage.

[Editor's note: is an in-crowd nickname for; it stands for Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, which is part of the legal name of ECUSA]

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