Lambeth news: not much news today

Canterbury: Thursday, 23 July 98

Because the official Lambeth newspaper is being released in the difficult-to-use PDF format, Anglicans Online has started an experimental effort to produce a native Web-based version of the Lambeth Daily each day. We take the official newspaper and convert the major stories so they are easier to read online.

Thursday's web-processed Lambeth Daily can be seen at

Wednesday's at

The Lambeth Daily for July 23 contained a truly extraordinary photograph by Jeff Sells (Anglican World). There are links to it in the above-mentioned URL, but if you have good Internet bandwidth and professional-grade imaging equipment, you should copy one of the higher-resolution versions and marvel at it. This is a truly memorable photograph that I expect will become one of the permanent symbols of the last Lambeth Conference of this millennium.

I have extracted this fabulous photograph from the PDF file in 24-bit high-resolution color and then made smaller versions for people with more modest Internet connections: 650KB 1.0MB 2.0MB 6.4MB

All four of these files are the same image, but at different resolutions. The largest, at 6.4 megabytes, will produce a photographic-quality image on ordinary letter size paper. I have one hanging on my wall.

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